4 Easy SEO tools that are free

Seriously, this is one of my favorite videos I have done so far. Easy SEO tools for your business! Search engine optimization  (SEO) is so freaking important for your website. What does it mean? SEO is how you setup your site so that Google and other search engines can find your website and show it on search results. Pretty dang important! In this video, I give you the run down on my top 4 easy SEO tools that I recommend for all my clients.  Watch the video below or keep reading, if thats your thing.

EASY SEO TOOLS #1- Rank Math Plugin

Rank math is a FREE plugin for WordPress sites that allows you optimize your website from the back end of your site. When you create a post, click on the rank math score and from there you can type in the keyword you want to show up on google for and it will give you suggestions on how to! You wont always be able to get a 100% on your posts, some suggestions don’t make sense, but try and shoot for as high as possible and make sure that the button is green.

Another tool that rank math has is their SEO Analysis tool. This gives you an overall score on your site and general site fixes to make your entire site more SEO friendly. Again, most people wont be able to get a 100%, just try to be in the green.

EASY SEO TOOLS #2-  thehoth.com

thehoth.com has one of my favorite FREE seo tools. Their Google SEO Ranking Checker is BOMB! This is a great way to check up on what keywords you (or your competitors) are ranking for. Keep in mind that ranking 1-10 are on the first page of google (11-20 are second and so on). Also, if your website is less than a year old, you may not show up at all. Google can take 6 months to a year to rank you!

Another tool that is useful is their SEO Audit tool. Its very similar to Rank Math, but allows you to check on any site that you want.

EASY SEO TOOLS #3- Google Search Console

Google Search Console is vital to your website success. This tool is user friendly and allows you to get an overview of your website. You can view your impressions (clicks) and querys (searches) that you show up on, where they are from and what kind of device they are using.

You can also inspect and check links on your site. Google will email you if there is a problem with you site which is super useful.

It is alot more user friendly than Google’s other SEO tool.

EASY SEO TOOLS #4- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is super technical and can be overwhelming, but the amount of information you can gather on it… it’s scary, but amazing.

You can track anything from traffic to your viewers, down to the city that they are in and their gender, age, likes, type of device that they use, and so much more. Like I said, kind of scary but is super useful when it comes to targeting your ideal client and optimizing your site.

So that does it for my top tools. What tool do you find most interesting? Comment below!

Please, as always, reach out if you have any questions.






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