Baby MasterMind Box Branding

I absolutely loved branding with Baby Mastermind Box. I am so thrilled with how it turned out.

Baby Mastermind box is a subscription box that helps babies and toddlers learn through play. Rashida, the owner is an amazing business woman that has a background in child development. I absolutely love her box and order it for my own toddler who gets so stinking excited for his box every other month!

When we first started to work together I knew that she needed a new brand and website to help her stand out as the amazing business she is!

The Before

Baby MasterMind Box Branding 1

The Old Branding

As you can see her brand really didn’t communicate a trustworthy brand and website. It featured a box and the name of the business was almost unreadable but it was not immediately clear what the business was. Upon doing some marketing research and talking to moms, they thought that it was a magician-type box.

Baby MasterMind Box Branding 2

The Old Website

Her website was not accessible because of the bright colors clashing on top of each other. We needed a clean design that appealed to moms today and would bring in the trust factor that she needed to get the sales. It also did not have enough information to answer the questions that her potential viewers would have.

The After

Baby MasterMind Box Branding 3

The New Brand

I went with a very clear minimal logo icon that immediately makes you think of a baby with colorful basic shapes that are symbolizing learning of shapes and colors. Upon further market research, moms immediately knew along with the text, what it was or had an idea that it might be for their babies to learn. Adding the tagline really helps the viewers identify the meaning of the logo.

Baby MasterMind Box Branding 4

The New Website

Sticking with the minimal design but adding in lots of the basic bright colors that children love! The first thing that they read is the answer to who, what, and why. This immediately gives answers to the viewer when they land on her website. Adding a clear call to action to buy the box gives the viewers a direction that they should take. Remember that viewers need a constant reminder about what they need to do. We focused on making sure that all the information and questions they would have, would be answered.

Check out Baby Mastermind box today! Her boxes seriously are amazing and I am so glad that I got to work with her on her branding and website. We took her brand from blah and confusing to a brand that stands out, immediately is recognizable, and captures the heart of her business. She was absolutely thrilled with the results and I know that this new brand will have an amazing impact on her business. I cannot wait to watch and see how her business grows in the future! And seriously, if you have a young child, you have to try out her boxes!

Need a new brand and/or website?

Branding is really crucial to your business and if you are not seeing the results you want in your business, it may be the issue. What my specialty is, is helping you build a brand that is not only beautiful but also backed by psychology. Branding is more than just a logo, it’s the entire perception of your business. Everything from design, voice, marketing, user experience, customer service, copy… that is all branding.

I would love to help you create a brand that truly captures your business personality so that you can turn heads and open wallets. Schedule a free consultation with me today!




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