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I am so excited to share something I learned a couple of weeks ago in ClickUp, and to be frank, it has been a game changer! This clickup form tutorial is going to knock your socks off! This does require their paid version and to custom brand it, you have to have the business version. As a branding and website designer, I use forms to gather so much information from my clients. I use forms for getting website copy, strategic questionnaires, information, feedback, and more. I had been using google forms but it was such a pain because every ones responses go into the same answer spreadsheet and it just wasn’t user friendly in the end. I use ClickUp for task management for all my projects and now that they have the form feature, I’M SERIOUSLY IN LOVE. Check out the video below on how it works!

Clickup Form Tutorial Step #1- Make your form

The first step is to create a new list. Once you have created the list, click to form view ( you may have to click the plus icon). Once you are in form view you can drag and drop any of their fields or make a custom field and drag it to the form. Once your form is complete, click to view form and make sure it looks like you want it.

Clickup Form Tutorial Step #2- Settings

In order to get notifications, click on the results on the upper left corner. You can change the name of this list to the form name and then click the face icon. Here you want to assign the task and watcher to yourself. This will ensure that you get notifications.

Clickup Form #3- Copy and add it to your clients folder

You can now copy and add this list to your clients folder. Double check that the settings are right and copy the url and send it out to be completed. When it is complete, you will get notifications and an email (you can change your notifications in your settings for your account).

So I hope that helped you! Are you going to try out this new feature? Comment below!

Please, as always, reach out if you have any questions.







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