Clickup Hack Client Ticket System

Today I’m going to show you how to supercharge your client management process. You’re going to want to stick around for this! 

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You Can’t Use this ClickUp Hack If You Don’t Have ClickUp

I’m sharing a ClickUp hack. If you don’t have ClickUp, go get it!! Seriously, it’s the best! I already have a few videos and blog posts about ClickUp and how much I love it. So if you don’t have it yet, go sign up! I’ll sit tight and wait for you. Go ahead. 

Let’s Get To It

Great! Now that you have ClickUp, I want to show you how to use it so you don’t ever lose a request from your client. 

First, you’re going to download the ClickUp Chrome extension. 

Once you do that, it’ll show up in the corner of all your pages, but my absolute favorite place it shows up is in your Gmail!! 

Here’s an example of a client request sent through email. See where it shows up? Well, you’ll click “add to ClickUp,” an image of that email will be captured, and it’ll populate it to your ClickUp so that you don’t have to go back and forth between ClickUp and your email to remember what your client said. That is the genius behind this ClickUp hack!

After it captures the image, you’ll select “New Task” and organize it where and how it’ll best serve you. My favorite part about all this ClickUp hack is that you can add a due date.

You can also assign the task to anyone else on your team if you have a team. If not, you’d just assign it to yourself. 

How Does This Show Up on ClickUp?

Now I’ll show you what happens on ClickUp when you do this. 

Here, I’m in ClickUp under this client. As you can see there is a “Keyword Task” with an attachment. When I click on that, it opens up the captured image of that email, and the due date is set to what you specified earlier too. 

When I take a look at my list of things to do, it’s organized by the due date. 

This is the perfect solution! Now you won’t forget when things are due or spend any time wracking your brain trying to decide when and where to squeeze things in. 

In a service-based business, you’re always getting requests from your clients. This is a great way to keep track of everything without having a ticket log system. Being able to do this directly from your email is a game-changer! 

I hope this was a helpful ClickUp hack for you and your business! Thanks for letting me share this with you! 

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