How to increase traffic to your website

So in this weeks video I talk all about how to increase traffic to your website. A daunting task, right?! Well I’m dishing all my best tips on strategy and its really not as complicated as you might think. 

These are the strategies that I recommend for all my clients.  Watch the video below or keep reading,  or bookmark this page to come back to later.

How to increase traffic to your website tip #1- Search engines

First thing you need to know about how to increase traffic to your website is how it actually works. Do you know that the three top search engines are:

1. Google

2. Youtube

3. Pinterest

Yep, in that order too! And yes, Pinterest is a search engine not a social media platform.


So in last weeks post I talked about #allthethings about Google. Optimizing Google is key for any website. Google needs to learn about you and gauge your reputation and blogging is the key for that! Seriously, if you have a business you should have some sort of blog so that you will show up on search results. Consistency is key for this. Google wants to make sure that you are dependable. Last weeks post talked about how you can optimize them to help Google become your friend.


Once way to increase your traffic is to have a youtube channel. Pair that with a blog and you are in Google heaven. Google says, “hey this person is using 2 of my platforms, I like her!” Yes, Google owns Youtube so they will favor you if you use both of those. When you write a blog post embed your corresponding youtube video into it.


So if you are doing a blog or youtube or BOTH, You need to be making a corresponding pinterest image to post in pinterest. This is going to help when people search in pinterest but also Google. Yes, google will show pinterest images in google image searches as well. Another match made in heaven!

How to increase traffic to your website tip #2- Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming huge and they are a great way to give value first (like with youtube). And if you are doing a podcast, you need to have a corresponding blog and pin. Podcasts are not easily searchable but using a blog and pin will make it a lot easier to increase views to your podcasts and in turn, your website.

How to increase traffic to your website tip #3- Social Media

Don’t hate me, I’m not a social media hater, but the lifespan of a post on facebook or instagram is what, a day or two? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work my butt off constantly on social media (unless you are doing ads– which is a totally different ball game). Social media is a short term game plan, extremely important in the beginning until you can start showing up on google (which can take 3-6 months give or take depending on optimization). In the beginning you need to put your all into sharing your website, but don’t depend on it for a long term plan.

How to increase traffic to your website tip #4- Google my Business

Hey local businesses, I’m talking to you. YOU HAVE TO BE ON GOOGLE MY BUSINESS! If you serve clients in your local area this is a game changer. It can have you show up on google maps within 2 weeks or less. However, if you are strictly online, its against the terms of service to use it.

So there are my top strategic tips on how to increase traffic to your website!

Please, as always, reach out if you have any questions.






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