How To Write a Blog Post for SEO

In this post I am breaking down how to write seo friendly blog posts to drive traffic to your website. Watch the video below for a look at how you can do this too!

How to write a blog post for SEO Step 1:

Find Your Keyword(s)

Keyword research is “key” on how to optimize blog posts for SEO. My favorite tool for keyword research is Keywords Everywhere. It is a paid option, but its super cheap (at this moment it is only $10 for 100k searches, which will take you forever to use!). Once you start your keyword research try to find multiple keywords that you can work into your blog posts as well. Also, if your post is accompanying a YouTube video, make sure to research there as well.

I try to find keywords that match the website volume I currently have. So at this moment, my current traffic is between 200-300/mo. So I try to look at key words that are around that or lower. I also try to stick to a competition of 0.20 or lower. Typically I would love if all my keywords were 0.09 or lower. The lower the better on this. After you have been ranking, its okay to fetch higher competition, but for small dogs, keep it low.

While you are at it, take a look at your competition to make sure that your content will be fresh and relevant and not a copy of something someone else just wrote.

How to write a blog post for SEO Step 2:

Write Your Content With SEO in Mind

This next step is a crucial element for how to write SEO friendly blogs posts. When you write your content include all those key words that you researched and picked. Make sure to include them several times for each key word that you picked. Try to work them into the post in a natural way.

How to write a blog post for SEO Step 3:

Write Your Headers With Your Keywords

Now one easy way to make sure that your keyword is mentioned several times is to work them into your headers. Google scans your posts and reads the headers first to make sure that your content is about the keyword. Then it scans the paragraphs. This is why headers are critical for writing SEO friendly blog posts. Also, make sure that you are only using H1 one time (for your title) and the rest are H2 and H3 headers.

How to write a blog post for SEO Step 4:

Create Images With Keywords in Alt Tags

Once you have written your blog post it is now time to create and optimize those images. You need to have at least 2 images for each blog post. Preferably more. The first image is your featured image for your blog page. This will show up in previews on your website and on social media. Make sure that this image is aligned with your brand. When you upload it to your website make sure that the alt tag includes your keyword, and also, describes the image for the visually impaired. Google loves when sites are accessible and also it helps the search engine “read” your image.

How to write a blog post for SEO Step 5:

Follow Rank Math Plugin Tips

I have talked about this tool a million times in previous posts. I love rank math! This tool is critical for how to optimize blog posts for SEO! This free tool makes SEO so much easier to navigate for everyone. Follow the tips that are given, and shoot for a green light. Your goal is not 100/100. That’s nearly impossible. But try to get a green button (usually at 80/100). It is not always possible to get a green check for every single item. This will give you an idea on how google will view your post.

How to write a blog post for SEO Step 6:

Attach Media

One way to really increase your traffic, as I have talked about before, is using youtube along with your blog posts. If you have a youtube, you should have a blog post to accompany it. Also, if you have a podcast, you should have a blog post for each episode. You can have a blog by itself, but pairing it with YouTube (which is owned by Google) will help Google like you even more! Always make sure to embed it into your post (not just link it).

I really hope this helped you learn how to write seo friendly blog posts. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below!



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