How to Make a Website Online Privacy Policy in 2022

Do you have a website? Then this is for you. Yep! ANYONE with a website needs to know this. A website online privacy policy is a legal requirement for anyone with a website.

A lot of my clients ask for help with their privacy policy and I’ve always given the same answer: “That’s an important legal document, I’m not sure I’m the one you should be asking, but you can always google a template and fill it out.” 

But truthfully, that’s not necessarily the best solution. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you an amazing solution you’re going to love!

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Why Do You Need a Website Online Privacy Policy?

When I say everyone with a website needs a privacy policy, it’s not an exaggeration. 

More and more states are passing laws making litigation more and more accessible to website users when the site doesn’t have a privacy policy. 

What is a Website Online Privacy Policy?

It’s a disclosure that tells your users how you collect their information, what you do with it, and how they can opt out of that process. 

For example, there are some things that you may not think about when collecting user information. 

If you’re using Google Analytics, you’re gathering user information. You’re gathering information about their location, their sex, their likes and usual searches. This is all sensitive information. 

If you have a contact form, or a scheduler, you’re collecting names and addresses. This is definitely considered sensitive information. 

How Urgent is This?

There are already very strict laws in the UK and countries in Europe. California has also recently passed stricter online privacy policy laws. 

You may think to yourself, “Well, I’m not in any of these places.” But these laws don’t just apply based on your location. They apply based on your viewer’s location. 

Yep! If you have viewers in parts of the world with strict online privacy policy laws, those laws apply to your site even if you’re not based there yourself. 

If you’re collecting information of viewers in California, you have to abide by the California laws pertaining to privacy, not only the laws of your state. 

So What Should I Do?

Great! Now that I’ve convinced you that you really do need an online privacy policy, let me share with you the perfect solution I’ve found. (Bonus: I have an affiliate code that gets you 10% off! You get some peace of mind and some savings!) 

My new favorite solution: Termageddon!!! 

What Is Termageddon?

Termageddon is an amazing company! They even have spectacular customer support that I’ve already had the pleasure of talking with. 

Termageddon is also run by a lawyer and privacy expert. 

It’s a subscription based service that will auto-populate and auto-update your online privacy policy, your terms, and your disclosures on your website based on the current laws.

This is really important because it ensures you’re always compliant. Laws change all the time. Do you want to make sure you’re always up to date on how laws change? I don’t. I don’t think you do either! This is a hands-off solution. 

I can’t wait to show you how it works!! Essentially, you enter your information and it autogenerates a relevant online privacy policy for you to embed on your website. It’s THAT easy! 

Never worry about being compliant with your online privacy policy again! 

Let’s take a look at how easy this is. 

Once you use the link, you’ll confirm your email address. That’ll take you to this page to enter your license. 

You’ll update your payment information and subscription choice based on the type of policy you need. 

They offer four different types of policies:

Privacy Policy
Terms of Service

When you select the policy or policies you want, a questionnaire about your business will appear for you to complete. It will also ask you what information you collect and for what purpose. 

If you encounter something you’re unfamiliar with or aren’t sure what something means, there are question mark icons next to each term to help you understand exactly what is being asked. 

Make sure you honestly and thoroughly fill out everything to the best of your ability. This is a legal document, after all. 

The only issue I ran into was being flagged for being incomplete. So make sure you fill out every box. 

Once you submit it, you’ll receive an embedding code. Select and copy the code and go to your website. 

On your WordPress site, choose a blog, select the HTML option, and paste the embedded code. 

Take a look at the preview and see the magic work! 

That’s it!!! That’s how easy it is to set up your privacy policy with Termageddon! 

Don’t forget to use my affiliate link to set up your online privacy policy with Termageddon at a discount! It’s the stress-free way to ensure you’re compliant with privacy policy laws so you never have to worry about laws changing or people suing you over this! 

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