Pinterest Mood Board |How to create one and do it right

Last week I talked about why you need a mood board and what mood boards are, you can check that out here. This week, one of the next steps is to create a pinterest mood board to start to curate some images and styles that you like. Watch the video below or keep reading!


Creating a Pinterest mood board is easy and fun. I find so much inspiration from Pinterest and my clients do too. Also, having a Pinterest mood board will help yourself and your designer understand what the vibe is overall. With Pinterest you can find fonts you like, color selections, and more! You would be surprised how many of my clients walk away from Pinterest in a whole new direction than the one they came into Pinterest with. Something about seeing different colors in action can really inspire you to come up with something very different.

Create Your Pinterest Board

Once you log into Pinterest, you will want to create a new board and make it secret (so make sure to toggle the switch to green where it says “keep this board secret”). After you create it, click the edit icon and in the description, add your Value Proposition statement, your tone words, and the colors you like. This will keep all your information in the front of your mind. Don’t have these things yet? Check out my free mood board course and I will guide you through this process! At this point, you can also click on the plus circle icon and add your designer to the board so she can see it too!

Search For Inspiration

After you add the board, you will want to start searching for inspiration. I like to start by adding in a color that I have picked out and pairing it with a tone word, object, or the word “branding”. For example, “navy desk”, “navy and blush branding”, “blush and teal office”, ect….

Think about your ideal client or yourself and what rooms are you in, objects around you, or the vibe? If you are a adventure brand, maybe you will search for “navy mountains”, “navy and pink camping”, ect…

Start adding anything you like the feel of, the colors of, or just the overall vibe. See fonts and color palettes, and logos you like? Add those too. Right now you are just focusing on what stands out. What do you want to feel when you look at your branding?

Curate your Pinterest Mood Board

After all your pinning is done, go back to your Pinterest board. Does anything stick out like a sore thumb? Does any of the images not match? Delete those. Only keep the images that you feel like really match the tone and vibe you are going for.

Now you are ready for the next step. Next week, I am showing you how to pick your images and add them to a Canva template to finally take your Pinterest mood board and finish off a finalized version!



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