Color Psychology: The Summer Season

When building a psychology-rooted brand for my clients, I use 3 different methods: Finding the heart story, Brand Archetypes, and Color Psychology. In a previous post, I gave an overview of each season in the seasonal color theory. In this post, we are going to discuss the Summer Season.

Before we move on, a quick disclaimer: When using these methods, this is not an all-or-nothing or a specific box that your brand will fit into. Rather, by using psychology-rooted methods we can find a foundation on what to start with. Every person and brand is unique and during discovery, we will see which season best fits your brand, but it does not define your brand completely.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the foundation of the visual aspect of the design for your brand. I personally believe that it should come after defining your heart story and brand archetype.

After these methods are done, I will have a basic foundation of your brand personality and what season your brand will fit into. By using the brand values and how you want your brand to come across, we will use the seasonal theory to define what kind of hues, typography, patterns, and photography will be used.

The Summer Personality Overview

Summer is a hot and active season. We’re sweating buckets on the hottest summer days while on vacation and attempting to enjoy ourselves. Look at nature; it is moving more slowly than usual due to the heat; the areas with the most activity are those in the shade. The colors are muted and cool. The summer is a time of grace, refinement, and effectiveness. Everything and everyone revolves on making an organization as efficient as possible so that everyone may unwind.

You may most align with the summer personality if your brand is: elegant, efficient, productive, and well organized.

Aligned Brand Archetypes

Archetypes are what I use to define the values, mission, and voice of a brand. Whereas Color Psychology is the tone and visual aspects of the brand. These 2 methods really work well together to bring out your individual brand style so that it is a lasting brand identity for you.

Once again, please remember before we get into brand archetypes that these are not fast and hard rules that have to be followed. Several brands that I have done on the surface level, maybe a little different when it comes to aligning the archetype to the season. For example, a lover brand (which values community, belonging, and enjoyment) that puts a strong emphasis on Spring Tones (clarity and inspiration). But as a general (soft rule). These archetypes match summer colors best:

The Caregiver: Desires to protect people and help others.

The Ruler: Desires to create success in families, communities, and people through order and harmony.

The Lover: Desires to belong, experience community, and enjoyment in life.

Summer Season Colors:

Cool, delicate, and muted. Think lavender, rose bushes, and even old establishment colors- such as navy blue. Colors should be low saturated and have blue undertones.

summer season color psychology

Summer Season Typography:

Fonts should be flowing and rounded and traditional serif fonts with a hint of grace. Think flowing elegant lines and beautiful scripts. Elegant and refined is the main theme here.

typography for summer season color psychology

Summer Season Patterns & Textures:

Watercolors, muted/faded florals, soft elegant patterns, textured paper, fine linen. Just make sure it doesn’t look cheap.

patterns for summer season color psychology

Summer Season Photography:

Make sure to incorporate the brand colors. Photography should feel cool, calmer, and relaxed. Images will have a softness or haze about them and it’s the perfect place for a well-spaced out lens flare.

photography for summer season color psychology

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